Tuesday, 3 November 2015

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How to stop Autoplaying Videos On FB

Facebook says the videos that play mechanically in your News Feed wreak "easier thanks however it's extremely unlikely you would like each native video in your stream coming back to life.

If mechanically taking part in videos drives you insane, we are able to facilitate. With solely a number of easy tweaks in your settings, it is simple to stay clips static as you scroll through your feed.

For Web:
Go to your options drop-down menu in the top right.
Click "Settings"
Select the "Videos" link on the left.
Turn the "Auto-Play Videos" from "ON" to "OFF"

For Phones and tablet apps:
You can adjust your auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. If auto-play is On, the data used depends on the amount of time you spend watching a video. If you scroll past an auto-play video in News Feed, your phone will use less data than if you stop to watch it for a longer period of time. If auto-play is set to Wi-Fi only, no data will be used.

To adjust your auto-play settings:


Open the Facebook app
Tap your phone's menu button
Tap Settings
Scroll down and tap Video Auto-play
Choose an option

iPhone and iPad

Go to your phone or tablet's settings
Scroll down and tap Facebook
Tap Settings
Below Video tap Auto-play
Choose an option.

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

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Easy to Get SMS Alerts for Gmail via Twitter

How to Get SMS Alerts for Gmail via Twitter
How does one get SMS notifications on your movable for necessary emails in your Gmail? Google willn’t support text notifications for his or her email service however Twitter does. If we will discern the simplest way to attach our Twitter and Gmail accounts, the Gmail notifications will arrive as text on our mobile via Twitter. Let ME explain:
Twitter permits you to follow any @user via an easy SMS. they supply short codes for all countries (see list) and if you text FOLLOW to the present shortcode following by the  username, any tweets from that user can arrive in your phone as text notifications.

The short code service of Twitter will act as a Gmail SMS notifier. You produce a replacement Twitter account, set the privacy to non-public and this account can send a tweet after you get a replacement email in Gmail. Follow this account via SMS from you main Twitter account and therefore the SMS notifications can begin gushing in.

gmail messages in twitter timeline
Use Twitter as a Gmail Notifier with Google Scripts

Here’s a step by step guide however you'll be able to use Twitter to induce SMS notification for necessary email in your Gmail account. it'll take a moment to setup and, internally, there’s a Google Apps Script that’s doing all the magic. It monitors your Gmail mailbox within the background and as presently as a replacement message arrives in your account, the script sends out a tweet.

 exit of your existing Twitter account then move to twitter.com/signup to make a replacement Twitter account for your Gmail account.
 make sure your email address, then open the Twitter settings page and check the choice “Protect My Tweets.” this can create your Gmail notifications non-public and neither search engines nor alternative Twitter users are going to be ready to see tweets generated through Gmail.
    Click here to repeat the Google Sheet and opt for Authorize beneath the Gmail to Twitter menu (near Help). keep in mind to authorize along with your new Twitter account.
    Once approved, opt for begin from the Gmail to Twitter menu and enter your Gmail search question. for example you'll be able to say is:important is:unread in:inbox newer_than:1d to solely receive notification for brand new, uninformed and necessary emails in your Gmail. Click OK.

That’s it. The Gmail notifier is running and it'll tweet once an identical email is found. It runs each 10-15 minutes and can solely work on incoming email, not the recent message. The messages will be logged within the Google Sheet therefore you recognize what’s happening behind the scene.
Get SMS Alerts for Emails at Gmail

Open a replacement browser session in concealed mode, log in to your recent Twitter account and send a follow request to your new Gmail account on Twitter. Approve the new follower request and you ought to currently see tweets for brand new Gmail messages, as they arrive, in your main Twitter timeline.

Should you want to receive SMS alerts on your movable for brand new Gmail messages, simply open the Twitter profile page of your Gmail larva and switch on Mobile Notifications. this can clearly work providing you have got connected (and verified) your movable along with your main Twitter account.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

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How much custom must you expect to get hold of commerce

You have to pay taxes, additionally referred to as custom, for commerce mobile phones, physics and different merchandise from a remote country into Republic of India. These import taxes square measure due  at the port of entry (like the airport), the messenger corporations would typically pay these on your behalf and can unleash the products to you upon the total reimbursement of those extra duties and taxes.

How much custom must you expect to get hold of commerce, say, a movable from U.S.A. to {india|India|Republic of Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation}? A package forwarding service service in India shared the newest duty tariff chart and it ought to offer you a decent plan of what reasonably taxes you'll expect to get hold of commerce the assorted classes of things into India.

Here’s the chart updated after the 2015 Union Budget:
Category / Product to Import
Total Duty Rate
Laptops, Notebooks, Computers
Tablets, iPad
Laptop Battery
iPod, Music Players
Software CDs and DVDs
Computer Printers
Hard Disk (internal)
Hard Disk (external)
Web Cameras
Computer Processor
Internet Modem
Other Computer Peripherals
Cables and Wires
Television Sets (TV)
Movie CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray
Video Games and Game Consoles
Mobile Phones
Phone Accessories
Digital Cameras and Video Camcorder
Camera Lens (Photography)
Sports Equipment
Books (Educational)
Free (No duty)
Car Parts
Toys and Games
Stationery Items
Cosmetic Goods
Hand Watches (Wrist Watches)
Sun Glasses
Apparel (Clothes)
Fashion Accessories
Artificial Jewellery
Shoes (Retail Price < 1k INR)
Shoes (Retail Price > 1k INR)
Kitchen and Dining
Food Supplements, Body Building
How is custom Calculated?

It is vital to notice that the calculation alpha duty is completed supported the assessed price of associate degree foreign product and not the invoice price. Let ME make a case for.
Say you have got purchased a movable from Amazon or eBay and have asked the vendor to ship it to Republic of India. the worth (price) of the movable listed on the invoice is $500. The customs officer in Republic of India might but assess the product’s price as, say, $600 and in this case, you may need to pay the eighteen custom on $600 (the assessed value) and not $500 (the invoice value).

And apart from custom, you’ll need to pay shipping charges, broker fees, duty, handling charges, CESS and repair tax for obtaining associate degree item into Republic of India. If you'd wish to understand the precise price (shipping + duties) before shopping for associate degree item, you'll use the Amazon international service wherever they calculate the import fees at checkout and supply customs clearance on your behalf.

There are not any taxes on commerce books  and you'll import merchandise up to the worth of federal agency ten,000 duty free provided they're sent as gifts to you.
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Search Reverse Image On Your Smartphone

The Reverse Image Search choice in Google pictures will assist you quickly discover connected pictures from round the internet. transfer a imagegraph from your desktop to Google pictures and it'll show you similar pictures used on alternative websites and conjointly totally different sizes of constant photo nearly instantly.
Journalists will use the reverse search choice to notice 1st|the initial} supply of a picture and conjointly fathom the approximate date once the image was first printed on the web. Photographers will use ‘search by image’ feature to understand regarding alternative websites that ar victimization their pictures.
Reverse Image Search on Mobile Devices.

The little downside is that ‘search by image’ is barely obtainable on desktop computers and not on mobile devices and tablets. Thus, if an exponent has sent you a picture on WhatsApp or Facebook that you’d prefer to verify, you’ll need to 1st transfer the photograph to a desktop so as to perform a reverse search. an excessive amount of work, right?

Not any longer. I wrote a trifle internet app that enables you to perform reverse searches on a mobile browser additionally. move to ctrlq.org/google/images on your portable, click the “Select Image” button and opt for a picture from the image gallery of your phone. Next click “Search” and it'll transfer your image to Google pictures very similar to the desktop version.
I’ve tested the search app on Chrome for humanoid and campaign for iPad however it ought to work on most alternative devices since it uses the quality HTML5 filing system genus Apis. Internally, it takes your image file, converts it to Base64 (data URI) and submit the encoded image as HTTP POST request to Google Image. The browser then mechanically redirects to the search page.
There’s another workaround additionally that may allow you to use the official Google Image Search web site for reverse search on a mobile device. Open the Chrome browser on humanoid and beneath settings, opt for “Request Desktop web site.” currently open pictures.google.com and you must see the Camera icon to transfer a picture for looking.

You can find out where was the picture taken:

Say you're exploring attention-grabbing places on the net and are available across a stunning destination that you just would really like to go to someday in future. the sole drawback is that the net photograph carries no text caption and you so don't have any clue of the situation wherever that image was doable taken.
Sometimes the EXIF information embedded in a picture file will assist you verify the situation however there’s another various that's a lot of doubtless to figure.

You probably grasp that Google offers Similar Image search to assist discover pictures that ar visually almost like your supply image. constant feature of Google pictures will typically assist you uncover the situation of a photograph moreover. Here’s how:
Go to pictures.google.com and drag* any image – either from your desktop or another website – to the search box (see video for a fast demo).

If that photograph is of some common destination, Google can mention the doable location of that image higher than the search results (see screenshot). altogether alternative cases, you may a minimum of grasp the first supply of that image which might provide enough hints for you to guess the particular location on your own.

[*] i.e. might not support drag and drop however in this case, you'll click the “camera icon” within the Google search box to manually transfer an image to Google pictures for analysis.
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Monday, 28 September 2015

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Download Mack OS X Updates and Install to Mulitple Computers

Mac OS X updates ar Brobdingnagian with the installation files running into many gigabytes. identical is true for mack apps like iMovie or Microsoft workplace that have large installers. the matter is combined after you own multiple mack computers and you wish to upgrade all to the newest OS X update. it'll not simply take an excessive amount of time however you will find yourself intense your monthly transfer information measure.
A simple and obvious workaround to the matter is that you simply transfer the installer files on one mack machine then transfer the downloaded apps to all or any your different systems through bringing or local area network. The Apple web site says that “Apps [downloaded] from the mack App Store could also be used on any Macs that you simply own or management for your personal use.” this can be but easier aforementioned than done.

Install mack OS X Updates on Multiple Macs

You transfer a five GB mack OS X installer from the App Store, the machine restarts, your system is upgraded to mack OS X falls or El Capitan however wait, wherever has the installer disappeared? Your mack, in an exceedingly bid to save lots of area, deletes the first installer mechanically when the upgrade and so you can't employ it on different machines.

To get round the drawback, when the installer has downloaded, quit the installation routine and don't restart the machine. attend the ~/Applications folder on your mack, realize the installer file and Option+Drag it to a different folder like ~/Downloads to form a duplicate which will keep even when the machine is restarted.

For minor updates, like OS X ten.10.8 or 10.10.9 updates, Apple releases standalone installers as .dmg files that you simply will transfer once and install on multiple machines. The releases ar offered as progressive updates (containing solely modified files) or jazz band updates (all modified files since the last major release).

A simple Google look for “download mack ox x ten.10. combo” can reveal the direct transfer links for the .dmg files on the Apple support web site.
Install mack Apps from the App Store

In the case of apps downloaded from the mack App Store, you’ll realize the .app files in your /Applications or /Users/username/Applications folder that you simply will simply copy to your different mack machines. Internally tho', the App Store downloads the installer as a package file (with a .pkg extension) and this can not reside within the Applications folder however in an exceedingly separate hidden folder.

You can grab these Installer Package files and install identical mack app on different machines while not having to transfer it once more so saving information. to induce started, open terminal on your mack and run the subsequent command to understand wherever the App Store has downloaded the installer files:

defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true
Now open the mack App Store app and you’ll see a replacement right menu (see screenshot). Click the “Show transfer Folder” menu and it'll open the situation of the transfer folder within Finder wherever the mack apps ar quickly transfer. you'll be able to realize the .pkg files within one among the sub folders that you simply copy to your different mack systems via bringing.

[Bonus Tip] If you're upgrading to a replacement version of mack OS X, just like the coming El Capitan, press Cmd+L at the installation screen and it'll open the installation log thus you recognize what’s precisely happening behind the scene.
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